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Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014: Post 29c – Club Camping Trip - Day 3

I did not sleep any better during the night; I rarely do when camping.  Actually, I am thinking about buying another air mattress.  I hear the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir pads are supposed to be pretty good... but I digress.

The rain stopped sometime in the morning.  I was awake a long time listening to it bounce off my tent.  I heard someone stirring around at the kayaks.  I stuffed my sleeping bag into it's drysack, deflated and rolled up my sleeping pad, and organized the other few things in my tent to get ready to be packed into the hatches.

When I got out of my tent I found that Julie was the early riser this morning; she had not slept well either.  Soon the others were up and we each prepared our breakfast and busied ourselves with packing up our gear.  

There was really no current to speak of when we left Gulch Pond...

We paddled back to Gulch Head and then crossed over to Barhaven Island...

From Carroll Point we mad a bee-line to the gap between Woody Island and Little Woody Island...

Somewhere along Woody Island we encountered an eagle....

When we arrived at Back Cove (Woody Island) we stopped and had lunch on the beach, and then we went to have a look at the abandoned house of Randy Lieb....

The tree growing out of the roof is still standing firm

From Back Cove we crossed over to Sound Island and hand-railed up the outside of the island all the way up to Sheppard Point before crossing over to Placentia Man's Point. From there it was just a short paddle to the take-out at Garden Cove...

After the kayaks were unloaded and the cars were packed up, we headed off to a nearby restaurant for a feed of fish and chips before heading back to the big city...

I think this year's second annual Level 2 Club Paddle was a success... at least from my perspective.  I know some of us that participated were challenged at times during our three day venture, but this was anticipated, and was part of the reason that Old Wobbly and I decided to make sure this trip happened again this year.  

From Hazen and I, we say a BIG THANKS to Julie, Ron, Lee, and Tony for coming along to share the experience with us.


  1. Huge thanks to you guys for putting it all together. As a guy who never paddles with others I found it was a great experience. I owe you a few dram's next time!

  2. Actually Lee, I often wondered how you were putting up with us 'crowd' out there... must of been strange for you at times to not be paddling on just your own schedule.

    1. Strange yes, but in a good way. The communal meal was something I never would have considered before, but seeing a good group coming together and it all working was impressive.Not to mention seeing what others pack out on a trip I really have to get out of this army mind frame (somewhat) of lightweight to a fault. And overall it was nice to touch base with some people with the same passion.