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Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014: Post 32 – Aquaforte Club Paddle

Yesterday was the annual Aquaforte Club Paddle.... I thought I heard someone say they had counted twenty-two kayaks, but my count was only twenty-one... Sure hope we didn't lose anyone yesterday!!    

Here's a few pics of the day...

Group chat before heading out

It was high tide and going up the nearby river was very easy

After the river excursion we floated for another
group chat before heading out the harbour


Hhazen in front of another waterfall!!!


Heading in to the beach for lunch

Fueling up 

Some of us paddled up just a little farther around the headland

Lev, Julie, and Terry

I had not planned to attend but then made a decision later Friday night to make the drive down.  I was glad I went... it was a relaxed paddle and the weather was very cooperative, making it another great day to be on the water. 

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