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Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014: Post 35 – Thanksgiving Weekend Paddle

Gerard (a.k.a.The G-man) took it upon himself to organize a club paddle for this weekend.  He posted to the newsgroup to see if there would be any interest in a fall club paddle in Bay Bulls on Thanksgiving Day Weekend...

So yesterday six of us showed up to meet The G-man for what I think was one of the most interesting and fun club paddles I have been on in a while.   We paddled out Bay Bulls, around South Head, and into Witless Bay where we had lunch in Bear Cove.

 Some pics to share...

Here's a short video of The G-man coming out of one of the many caves in Bay Bulls...

The day was a blast.  We had sunshine, a bit of wind, some swell, plenty of caves, an otter, and a dog to play fetch with during lunch.  It was a small group to watch over which allowed paddlers to push themselves into elevating their line of comfort.

I am thinking this was most likely the last club paddle of this year.  Thanks to Chris, Sharon, Dale, Ekaterina, and Janet for sharing the day.  And a big thanks to Gerard for organizing this club paddle. 

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