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Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014: Post 36 – November Paddle

It's been three weeks since I have paddled... unless I count the times I have been paddling in my mind...

Today Brian, Neville, Hazen, and I meet at St. Philips and paddled up to Portugal Cove for our first paddle of November. We had some wind, rain, swell and clapitus; we even had a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder on the way back.

Pics to share...

Hazen and Neville




When we arrived in Portugal Cove, Brian pulled out a little emergency shelter.  It was a bit of a dreary day so he figured it was a good time to try it.  The four of us were able to fit under it although I think it was meant for two people. In no time at all you could feel the heat building up under it...  


Back at St. Philips the sun peaked out for just a little while as we packed up the kayaks...

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