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Monday, March 30, 2015

2015: Post 11 – A new paddle

I bought a new paddle… a Euro paddle, of all things.  What now!   What’s this?  Why has a die-hard Greenland paddle user and advocate of over five years bought a paddling shovel?  Well the real answer is that I bought another kayak… a plastic one.

Initially I was thinking on a Delphin, but soon decided a crossover kayak would be more to my liking… something shorter and maneuverable, something I could use for those shorter paddles when we aren't going anywhere in particular… something I won't mind banging against, or over, a rock or two... something plastic.

I began my on-line search and short-listed a few crossovers.  As I read reviews and investigated, my number one choice quickly became the Pyranha Fusion with the white-water outfitting.  Then I came across the Jackson Karma RG and started reading up on it. 

One of the reviews I found on the RG was by Bill Vonnegut and Lily Kelsey of Neptune’s Rangers... click here.   One line in particular tipped the scales away from the Fusion.  Mr. Vonnegut says of the Karma RG that it “seems like they took the small things that I did not like about my other boats and made them all go away, leaving the Karma with nothing left to change.”

Well, I am certainly not an expert on kayaks or their design, and I am definitely nowhere near being an expert kayaker, but the RG seemed to me like a fun kayak to have.  I found a very good deal on a new one from The Complete Paddler, placed my order at the end of January, and am anticipating its arrival toward the end of April. 

Initially I had a red one on my mind like above.. but when it came
time to place the order I chose a colour they call Wolverine - it's
a combination of blue, white, and yellow

Okay, so how about that Euro paddle…

Since ordering the RG I have been contemplating the motor.  I use my Greenland paddle for the bit of coastal playing and rock hoping that I do in my Nordkapp;  I have to… it is what I paddle with after all.  But I do not feel that the ‘skinny stick’ is the best choice of paddle for a shorter kayak, or especially in the shallower water closer to shore among the rocks.  I can’t count the number of times I have I bounced my GP off of a rock!

After more on-line reading and searching I finally decided on a paddle; a bent shaft Werner Shuna, a mid-sized blade toted as “the perfect paddle for the coastal play environment.”  I found a very good price on one from The Kayak Exchange and have put in the order for it.  However, it will arrive long before the RG shows up.  

I guess if I want to try out this new paddle before the RG arrives I will just have to ask Jenny if she minds me using the Euro blade for a paddle, or two…  Who knows, she just might like the variety... 

When I came home today I looked at my driveway and thought that perhaps instead of a new kayak and paddle I should have put the money toward new pavement... but then my next thought was that 'Charlie' just might be the one to have to take care of that...


  1. Nothing better and more exciting than buying new gear (Except when the bills show up. LOL) Should make for some interesting and fun paddling!! By the way, Tony Johnson, of the Neptune's Paddlers, always uses a Greenland in the rough stuff!!


  2. yes.. I've seen videos of people using GP's in these short boats... I was going to wait until the RG showed up first before deciding to get a Euro or not, but then came across the good deal on the Shuna. I've contemplated on making a shorter GP and still might, maybe a storm paddle to carry as my spare on the RG...

  3. Hi guys,
    As a whitewater paddler (yes, I read all your posts on Playak, I like to see kayak too), I'd like to congratulate you on my next bucket list boat. I can't say enough about Jackson kayaks :-)
    Also, Werner makes awesome paddles. I would suggest a whitewater paddle to get the most of that boat, especially rock hoping and such.


  4. hey Qcxican... the other paddle I was thinking on was a bent shaft Werner Sherpa... but I already have a straight shaft WW paddle and anticipate I will spend much more time on the ocean than on a river in the RG... if I find I am spending more and more time in the rocks then I may upgrade to the Sherpa... we will see.