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Friday, April 3, 2015

2015: Post 12 – Trying out my new paddle

This morning Tony and I were able to do a short paddle so we met at St. Philips and paddled up to Topsail Beach.  My new paddle showed up yesterday and I naturally had to try it out this morning.  

I arrived at the slipway earlier than planned and so I got on the water and paddled around the cove trying to get the feel of the new paddle before we got underway.  Before long Tony showed up and we headed off to Topsail Beach.  

I didn't take many pictures.  It was a bit gnarly for a good ways up to Topsail Beach and I figured I would just concentrate on my paddle strokes.

Here's a few I did take...

Gearing up at the slipway

Almost at Topsail Beach

Getting back on the water after a little stretch

Tony taking the more bouncy path around this rock

The verdict on the Shuna paddle... I can't say I didn't like it.  In fact i did not mind it; it just felt awkward.  There were times today that I found myself wishing I had my Greenland paddle in my hands but I know that is just because I am so used to it.  However, there were other times, like in the shallower water around rocks, that I was glad to have it in my hands... 

I can't say I would want to use it on an all day touring type of paddle, but on a shorter paddle like today, when we are just kind of ticking along and doing a little playing along the shore, I can see myself using it more, even in the Nordkapp.  

I plan to use this paddle for my upcoming paddles so I can get use to it before the Karma RG shows up (hopefully before April is over).  Of course my Greenland paddle will sit on my front deck and I can always switch to it if I feel the need.

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