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Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015: Post 13 – Tors Cove to La Manche

Gerard was looking for a paddle out of Tors Cove, so Clyde and I met the G-man this morning and headed to the put-in.  

It was quite foggy so we made a plan to hand-rail the shoreline down to La Manche.  We figured the fog would be burned off after lunch and maybe we would check out Great Island on the paddle back.  We poked our way down to La Manche, really taking our sweet time.  

There was no wind but a decent swell was running and it made for some fun paddling in places along the way.  I think it took us about two and a half hours to get there...

Some pics...

The put-in

This slot had been buried in snow but the water had tunneled
it out below making for an interesting feature to paddle through

If there's a rock Clyde is likely to paddle inside of it


Heading into Bauline East

Arriving at La Manche

C'mon Gerard... pretend you're happy

After lunch we headed back along the shore.  I was on a bit of a time limit and so we decided to leave the islands for another day... perhaps we shouldn't have dallied so much on the way down to La Manche...  

We figured we might get in one or two more paddles this year so I'm sure we'll get back this way and will make it out to Great Island on another day.

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  1. That second photo is a great shot!

    Tony :-)