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Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015: Post 19 – An RG and Hammer day

Neville missed our paddle yesterday (see previous post).  He e-mailed a few of us Saturday evening to see if anyone wanted to paddle on Sunday.  I had replied that I was interested but he had missed my response.  Then later I received an e-mail from him... "my wife won't let me paddle by myself..." he said.  I thought that was quite funny.

We met at the slipway in St. Philips this morning.  Neville had his P&H Hammer that he had picked up a couple weeks ago, and a new whitewater paddle he recently bought, and I had my new Karma RG.  Like yesterday, there was some wind but it was off-land and there was very little swell; still not the conditions I wanted to give the RG a good run but it was still time on the water to get more used to my new kayak.

We followed the shoreline all the way up to Topsail Beach and back, getting into all the nooks and crooks, and playing here and there when we found a little active water.

I took a bunch of pics, but they were all of Neville, so I won't post too many... but here are a few...

I took a few video clips along the way as well... here's a couple...

Today's paddle was a lot of fun.  The Hammer and Karma RG are similar type kayaks; they are made for ocean play.  Yesterday, with the other guys in sea kayaks, at times I found myself paddling along quicker to try to not get too far behind.  They would hold up now and then for me, but the RG is not a kayak meant to be used for a touring type paddle.  It is meant to lollygag along the shore, poking into places, and spending as long as you want to in one place when it is more fun than moving on.

In sea kayaks we can paddle from St. Philips to Topsail Beach, have a break and paddle pack in about two and a half hours.  Today it took Neville and I five full hours... twice as long!  With all the poking and playing around rocks along the way we even added a couple more kilometres to the normal distance we do in our sea kayaks. I think if we would of had some decent wave action along the shore to really give these play boats a good workout we would not have made it all the way up to Topsail Beach. 

In the right conditions, and at the right features along the shore, we could spend a lot of time not really going anywhere, just paddling through, over, and around some rocks, or just sitting in some turbulent water at the shoreline getting pushed this way and that, as if it were some kind of amusement ride.

Neville and I both agreed that we are quite happy with our recent kayak purchases.  We envision having some "woo-hoo" days when we can find the right conditions.  But despite the lack of the 'right' conditions today it was still another fun day on the water, made even more fun for me in my RG, and Neville in his Hammer.

We are both hoping our sea kayaking buddies might eventually get their own ocean play boats in due course... you just never know.  Until then I guess the guys will have to either leave us behind or wait for us on the days that Neville and I decide it's an RG and Hammer type of day...


  1. You guys have made me seriously jealous with the Hammer and Karma RG! Two of the boats I have been looking at, along with the Delphin. I'm new to sea kayaking but grew up on the ocean and love it. Been trying to decide which boat to get as my first boat and since I'm more of a "play around the rocks and caves" type of guy than "let's see how fast we can go around Bell Island!" I've been leaning towards this type of play boat. I fully expect to add a few boats to the collection at some point, I've been warned of the obsession lol! But to get started I just want something that let's me do a bit of everything right now and excels at what I love... poking around the shores. Would dearly love to hook up sometime just to look at your boats and get your advise on what would work best for me. Thanks for sharing the blog!

  2. Brad, everyone you talk to will have different opinions, including myself... but you have to have an idea as to what type of paddling you want to do (which you seem to have) and then get something that suits. If you prefer ocean play to touring than something like the Karma RG, Hammer, and Pyranha Fusion seem to be fun kayaks for this... If you want to do some ocean play but do a little paddling as well then the Delphin might be the better choice, but I think I would go with the Hammer over the Delphin...my opinion only. We paddled from Middle Cove to Flatrock and Neville used his Hammer. We could have easily left him behind in our sea kayaks but with us not paddling hard he was able to keep up well enough.

    I did not know anyone here who had an RG so I had to go on faith and research when I ordered it. It would be much better to be able to sit in a kayak to see how it fits if you know someone who has one. If you want to give me your e-mail I'd be happy to contact you to discuss. I have no problem if you wanted to come over to have a sit in my RG...

    1. Hey Dean, being new to kayaking and not knowing exactly what type of paddling I will end up doing most... I've been leaning towards the Delphin because it seems to allow me to get involved with all types of paddling and see what I enjoy most. Kind of an all-around boat like the Avocet, but more maneuverable. Only reason I would look at it over the Hammer is that it would be easier to keep pace on any longer trips I may do. Then again, I would lose some RG benefits and it would be kinda fun running out of the office every evening shouting "Hammer time!" lol! Would love to drop by and check out your RG sometime, email me BALLBRAD at HOTMAIL dot COM. Thanks!