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Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015: Post 14 – Nails sold separately

Neville's P&H Hammer showed up last week but he was out of town.  Our good paddling buddy Tony picked it up for him and today was the fist day Neville got to try it out.

Four of us (Tony, Neville, Clyde, and I) met at the slipway in St. Philips this morning and took a run up to Portugal Cove.

I took lot of pics. Here's just a few of them....

The first put-in for the Hammer
under the captaincy of Neville





Clyde took the Hammer for a little
spin when we got to Portugal Cove...

... and then tried to stand up in her like he could do in his old
whitewater kayak.  Next thing it was "man overboard."

Heading back to St. Philips

There was one spot in particular that proved to be a bit of fun as the waves came in.... 

Dang it!  I ended up doing some damage to Jenny... this time on the bow.

Of course Neville had to see how his new kayak rolled...

It was a fun few hours on the water.  After watching Neville this morning having such fun in his Hammer, the anticipation of my Karma RG showing up was intensified... 

Thanks guys... and thanks to Neville for the coffee and fries.   

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