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Thursday, April 16, 2015

2015: Post 15 – Jenny gets a little dolled up

North Cape Jenny has taken a few knocks on her hull in the last month of paddling.  I have been trying to dissuade her from going into rocky places but she just simply has a mind of her own.  

When I came home from work yesterday I brought Jenny into the house and cleaned off the hull.   Then I had supper and got together my Marine-Tex, rubber gloves, mixing sticks, etc... I ate my supper and piddled around the house a little, and then went to our kayaking clubs Wednesday evening presentation, leaving Jenny to acclimate to the indoor temperature.

I came home and watched a little television and then headed downstairs.  As I was mixing up the Marine-Tex I noticed Jenny was wide-eyed with curiosity.  

"Whatcha doing?" she asked.

"I'm mixing up a little foundation for your blemishes" I told her.

"Ohhhh.  Will it make me pretty again?"

"Jenny, you'll always be pretty, no matter how many paddling scars you acquire... but you just gotta watch those damn rocks, 'ol girl.  Now just hold still..."

Okay, I admit I am quite fond of all my kayaks, but most especially North Cape Jenny... and now and then I have found myself having little conversations with them in my mind. Truth be told, I once caught myself talking out loud to one of them (I think it may have been Kay) when I was in my shed.  Perhaps I need a new hobby to occupy my time. Perhaps I'll be committed one day...

Anyway, the 'foundation' was applied last night.  Before heading to work this morning I checked on things.  The Marine-Tex was tacky to the touch, but when I came home this afternoon it was ready for sanding.

I touched up a bunch of little spots here and there, but here's some before and after shots of the worst spots that have all happened in the last month...

Near the bow...

Behind the cockpit...

At the skeg...

All-in-all, I don't think my handiwork turned out too bad for my first time using Marine-Tex.  Just the same though, I don't think I'll be applying for any Make-up Artist jobs any time soon.   


  1. Looks like you made neat repairs and the post was amusing too. Glad to see you have her ready for the weekend.

    Tony :-)

  2. Ooooo-kay. Now you are starting to creep me out!! LOL