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Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015: Post 42 – It's been a while...

After our week long kayaking trip during the first week in September (click here), I have only done one short paddle - that was on September 23rd.  My non-kayaking life seems to have conspired against me in being able to get on the water over the last four or five weeks.  I almost didn't get out again today as I didn't have access to my car, but my buddy Clyde offered to pick me up....

We met Brian, Cathy, Derek, Gerard, Shane, and Tony at St. Philips this morning and set off for a short paddle toward Portugal Cove.

Getting ready on the slipway

There's a whale just left of center in this pic 



Derek and Clyde



Clyde and Shane

We played around a little bit at Portugal Cove and there was a suggestion to continue on up to Brocks Pond Falls.   However, some of us didn't have the time to run up to the falls and there was concern about the wind that was supposed to come up after lunch (we'd be paddling into it on the way back).  So we turned our bows and headed back.  We took our time, except for Derek who had things to do, so he carried on ahead of us...

Cathy and Clyde



Tony and Gerard


Gerard and Cathy

When we arrived back at St. Philips Derek was already packed up and gone.  Brian, Clyde and I called our paddle finished, but the other half of our group carried on up to Topsail Beach to lengthen the day's trip.

As we paddled into the marina a lady was taking pictures of myself and Clyde.  As I came close to her I said "I have a camera too" and I pulled it out and took a couple pictures of her as I chuckled to myself...  she got a good laugh out of that.  Her laugh was infectious and caused me to laugh even harder... it was all a good bit of fun.

Brian packed up and headed off for home.  Clyde and I decided to stop in for coffee on the way home and had a good ol' chat...  The last time I paddled with Clyde was the middle of August, and the last time before that was the beginning of July!!  Too much time between paddles, Clyde...  and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to get out on the water today, bud. 

-> For Shane's pics and take on the day see his kayaking block (click here).
-> Tony doesn't have his entry put up yet, but click here for the link to his blog... I'm sure he's post in the next day or two...


  1. Sometimes life gets in the way but I was glad to see you on the water again. Excellent day!

  2. Nice Blog Dean, Nice to see you again :)

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