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Monday, November 2, 2015

2015: Post 43 – Conception Harbour

Shane e-mailed me.  He had gotten a loan of Clyde's Nordkapp RM for the weekend to take for a test run and he asked if I would be up for a paddle on Sunday... 

Between the two of us we e-mailed a few other people and next thing we had a good small crew.  

It was a glorious November day to be on the water.  The pics don't do full justice, but here are a few to share, along with a couple videos...

Getting ready on the slipway

Terry had just taken possession of a Necky Chathum 18 and today was the maiden voyage...

Shane in the Nordkapp RM

Shane very soon decided to do a self rescue.  He had tried a
low brace turn and learned how quick a sleeker kayak like the
Nordkapp can tip you over...  






Lots of yellow leaves around this time of year

Brian and Terry
 Before we went ashore for lunch, Shane decided to practice another rescue...

Not a bad view to go with lunch

Shane tried my Nordkapp for comparison
purposes to the Nordkapp RM


I told Shane to stay out of the rocks... Clyde would
not be happy if he scratched the RM!!!
But he just wouldn't listen...

Tony and Julie


It was a fun day... lot's of fun and laughter with some good paddling friends.

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