If you just go for a paddle than you can stop thinking about wanting to go for a paddle.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016: Post 5 – A Fun Morning

Today we paddled from St. Philips up to Topsail Beach.

Some pics to share...

St. Philips marina with a skim of ice

Derek and Brian


Tony and Derrick

Shane... high and dry

Brian and Terry

Terry stretching his legs

Tony, Derrick, and Cathy
Shane practicing towing Cathy (with Terry helping out)

And a few video clips...


Shane crossing over to whitewater

Cathy doing her second ever saltwater roll
(I missed her first one back in December)

Derek doing his very first salt water roll

Well, what else is there to say... the pics and video clips kind of says it all!!!

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