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Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016: Post 6 – A fantastic day in Holyrood

Derek sent an e-mail yesterday suggesting a Saturday paddle in Holyrood.  I had been ill during the week and still had a sore throat so decided I would have to wait until this morning to decide if I would paddle. 

When I awoke I was feeling better and  got my gear together and headed out to meet the guys.  I was the first one there and shortly after John and Derek arrived.  Shane had to deal with a flat tire so was a little slow arriving...

When we arrived at the marina in Holyrood it was packed in with ice, so we drove around the cove and found a (mostly) ice-free put-in location.

It didn't take very long to gear up and get on the water.

The water was flowing well at North Arm River and Shane and I stopped to play a little.

Derek and John and continued up the shore but it didn't take us long to catch up.

When we arrived at Chapel Arm we decided it was such a nice day we would carry on up to Harbour Main Point.  No one spoke about turning back so we just carried on.

It was a little past lunch time and so we paddled a little ways down into Harbour Main and took out on one of the little beaches there. 

Shane just had to seal launch when we were ready to get back on the water.

We followed the shoreline back the way we had come...

... until we arrived back at North Arm River where we had to play just a little more...

All hands agreed it was a fantastic day to have been on the water... one of those paddle days that will kind of stick in the memory bank for a while...

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