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Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016: Post 25 – Slow paddlin', tardiness, and onion rings

Since we did our overnight kayak camping trip  on the 1st and 2nd of October it has been windy on weekends, and so I've been getting in some hiking trips instead.  I've managed six day hikes in October!

This past weekend the forecast was calling for more wind but there was a lull for Saturday morning.  Tony and I met at St. Philips before 9 am with hopes to get in a short morning paddle before the wind picked up after lunch.  Cathy and Gary said they would be there but they hadn't showed up. We decided they must have changed their minds and so we headed out of the marina and turned our bows toward Topsail Beach.  

Tony at Wester Point

There was little wind but a bit of swell that made things a little fun along the way.

We weren't in any particular hurry and were just sort of poking our way along.  We were a few kilometers down the shore and happened to look behind us and there was Cathy, clipping right along.  She said she had pulled into the parking lot just as we were rounding Wester Point.  She quickly geared up and picked up her pace to catch up to us.

Tony and I have done a lot of paddling in the past with just the two of us, but we prefer to have company...  besides, three kayakers are far better and safer then just two...  

The three of carried on towards Topsail Beach...

When we got to Topsail Beach we kept on going another kilometer or so along the beach before finally stopping.  We rafted up and chatted for a while and then decided it was time head back.

Cathy passing through the outfall from Topsail Bight

We took our time paddling back to St. Philips.  Once there we rinsed off in the fresh water of Broad Cove River and then headed to the nearby restaurant for coffee and conversation.  Cathy also treated us to a big basket of very good-tasting onion rings...  yep, we sure were glad she showed up for the paddle...

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