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Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016: Post 26 – Colliers to Brigus

On Saturday past we paddled from Colliers to Brigus and back...  I hiked today and just got around to looking at my pictures from the paddle, and then discovered that Tony has already posted his perspective of the paddle.  Here's a link to his entry - click here.  Thanks Tony, 'ol buddy!!! You've saved me time to have to do a write up...

So here's a pictorial of some of my pics to add to Tony's pics and write-up of the day.... 

The put-in at Colliers


The guys waiting for us stragglers... 



Cathy and Terry



Brian and Derrick


A whale!! Actually we were pretty
sure there were a couple in the area


Derrick and Terry

Gary and Terry

Back at Colliers... 
This shoreline was new to (I think) everyone except Shane.  Another great day on the water... Thanks guys for sharing it.

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  1. Thanks for the pix Dean... It was a great day. I think the paddle was only new to Shane and Gary. It was kind of new to Derrick.. he has sailed by before. But he said it is a very different experience in the kayak up close and personal :)