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Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016: Post 28 – RDF in Cape Broyle

Cape Broyle is a fantastic place to paddle but it is a bit of a drive... about 150 kms there and back... and so we don't seem to paddle there as much as places that are closer.

Some of us had paddled in Cape Broyle in June past but not Shane; he had not been there since last year and was itching to get back.  He tried to get it on the roster last weekend but there were no takers.  So he tried again for this weekend. 

The forecast was for rain all day.  No matter.  The wind was to be only 15 km in the morning and then increase to 20 km in the afternoon.  It would be from the east all day, which meant the further out the harbour we went the more interesting things would become.

Yesterday morning I picked up Shane.  We gassed up and then got some breakfast at Tim Horton's and headed to the meeting place in Bay Bulls.  Only Tony showed up and the three of us drove down to Cape Broyle.

The first thing we did was to put on our drysuits... Tony had put his on at home.  We unloaded the kayaks and gear.  Shane and I just geared up near the car and carried the loaded kayaks down to the beach.

It didn't take us too long to get ready and we were heading down the shoreline.

With all the rain we had been having lately we knew the several waterfalls in the area would be flowing quite nicely.  We were not disappointed... 

It was a mausey day... one of those Rain, Drizzle, Fog (RDF) type days.  But we were all smiles and laughter as we paddled along.

The further we paddled away from the bottom of the harbour the more lively the water became.

When we arrived at Church Cove it was time for lunch. Shane brought his chair... I guess he figured he would be tired...

Tony and I made due by sitting on the rocks...

After lunch we got back on the water.  Shane seemed to be pointed back the way we came, and so I simply said "follow Tony," who had his bow pointed to carry on further out the harbour.  We almost always go to visit Cathedral Cave, and often go to North Point (the headland) for a look-see down the coastline.

By this time the easterly wind had picked up and the waves were interesting at the headland.  Some of them were as much as two metres as they neared the shore and some were pretty steep... we were able to run up the face and crash our bows down with a 'thunk' as we came over the crest.  

We hung around at the headland for a while and then had a fun following sea chase us back into the harbour for several kilometers.... Shane wouldn't stop grinning until the water significantly calmed somewhere abreast of Admiral's Cove...



It was a great paddle.  The only issue I see is that it was such a great day that Shane is going to want to keep going back more often.  Well, maybe we will just have to give in... it is a great place to kayak and we really should try to get there a little more often.


  1. You got a way better shot of the conditions near the headland than I did.

  2. Yeah, it's hard to get a pic that shows the conditions as they really are...

  3. Lol I didn't want to take a chance on snapping pictures out there so I'm glad you guys got some good ones!!!

    1. I took a few pics before the headland, but once there I figured it was best to keep both hand on my paddle...