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Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012: Post 7 – A change of plans

Today there was supposed to be a bit of wind… Yesterday the forecast was calling for 30 km wind gusting to 50 km from the north.  We anticipated such wind would make for a good play day in the cove at St. Philips for a couple hours.  Five of us showed up this morning for some fun in the cove, but the promised wind did not materialize.  So the plan changed to an impromptu paddle up to Portugal Cove.

Some pics…

Gearing up

Tony was the first one to hit the water

Clyde, Lee, and Tony waiting in the cove for Brian to get on the water

We had some warm weather this past week and the
falls at Beachy Cove was flowing nicely....

Brian couldn't resist and had to see how far
up the little river he could get

Clyde following Lee into Portugal Cove
Lee using the rocks to pull himself along

Today was Brian's first paddle for this year...

So tell us what you think of kayaking when it's snowing, Tony...

Clyde, smiling as usual...

This is the spot we had our snack last week in
Portugal Cove.  If you look at the pic from
Post 6 you'll see quite a contrast...

Da boys heading back to St. Philips

As usual, we headed up the river to rinse off the
salt water off our kayaks and gear
I never get tired of the stretch of coast from St. Philips to Portugal Cove - it's such a fun little paddle. Thanks to Tony, Brian, Lee, and Clyde for showing up...


  1. Nice shots! Thanks for the great day on the water.