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Monday, March 5, 2012

2012: Post 6 - Brocks Pond Falls

Saturday past four of us paddled from St. Philips to Brocks Pond Falls.  Tony has a write-up of this trip on his blog so I will divert you to it... 

I will add that that this was Dave's first paddle of 2012 and neither Dave nor Tobias had paddled to the falls before... 

Some pics of the paddle:

We put in on the beach since there were ice pans blocking the
slipway.  The motor boat that put in from the slipway while
we were ther even had a little trouble with the ice pans.

Dave has recently made and started using a
laminated Greenland paddle...

Tobais joined us in Portugal Cove and used his Euro blade
on the paddle to the falls...

The falls were ice and snow covered so we did not
see much of the flowing water....

Dave posing at the base of the falls.
Had to get proof he was there...

Tony getting a pic...

Tobias moved in for a closer inspection...

On the paddle back Tobias requested the use of my spare GP...
Just look at that smile!!!

Once back at Portugal Cove Tobias left our little group.
Dave, Tony, and I stopped on a beach at P. Cove
for a little snack and a stretch. 

The end of the piers at St. Philips were covered in ice...

The ice pans at the slipway had diminished when we arrived
back at St. Philips (we think compliments of the boat) and
so we were able to take out at the slipway.

A distence of 19.5 km completed.  Not bad for a fellows first paddle
of the year (and I think he said it was his first paddle since November).
Way to go Dave... keep it up and you'll be well conditioned by the
time the regular paddling season starts up.... 

Thanks Dave, Tobias, and Tony for another great day on the water.  I checked my log... the last time I did this paddle was Feb 10, 2011... here is Tony's blog entry of that trip

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  1. Jolly good paddle even with the wind we had north of Portugal Cove.

    Tony :-)