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Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012: Post 8 – Today's paddle

The wind forecast for today was calling for west 20 km for the morning, increasing to 40 km and gusting to 70 in the afternoon.  Five of us met at St. Philips this morning with the intention to paddle over to Bell Island and back before the wind picked up.  As a group we decided to be prudent and paddle to Topsail Beach instead. 

The tide was low and there was no wind or swell on the trip down to Topsail Beach. The wind did pick up on the way back but just enough to give us a little push...

A few pictures to share....

The start

Out of the cove and on our way

Gary and Dave




(This is my favorite picture of the day)


Looking  across the water at Bell Island

The sun was warming up the rocks...
you can see the steam rising off of them... 

We encountered some slob ice along the way

I do not know the name of this bird but it allowed me to get so close
that I did not even need to use the zoom.  We also seen a seal, an
otter, and an eagle today but I did not get any pics...

We pulled up on the beach at Topsail for a break before heading back

Make sure you check out Tony's pictures on his blog too.... Thanks for sharing the day guys.

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  1. I think your unknown bird is a Great Cormorant aka known in NL as a shag--hence the 101 shag rocks around the province. http://www.birds-of-north-america.net/Great_Cormorant.html