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Monday, September 3, 2012

2012: Post 24 - A Nordkapp in Ferryland

Today we paddled from from Ferryland to Cape Broyle Head and back.  Other than a ten minute test, today was the first paddle for Clyde in his new-to-him Nordkapp.  He has been paddling a Nordkapp RM for the last few years, but an opportunity came up for him to buy a used fibreglass Nordkapp LV earlier this week....

Pictures from our paddle....

Hazen doing a bit of a seal launch off the beach

Clyde in his Nordkapp LV... "Hey fellows, watch me
paddle it with one hand while eating this banana..."

Tobias paddling past the lighthouse

Looking good, Clyde

Hazen and Tobias

Hazen and Clyde


Clyde in search of rougher water

Looks like a good beach for lunch

It's not everyday that we have a nice lawn to take out on...

We've watched Clyde paddle his Nordkapp RM for the last few years and now his LV today, and we've watched our good paddling buddy Tony and Stan paddle their full size Nordkapp's the last few years as well...  Just before we were ready to leave who should we see but Malcolm and Des walking toward us (they had just ended their day's paddle in Ferryland as well); they both paddle Nordkapps as well... 

There was a lot of talk today about the Nordkapp... 

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  1. I'm really digging all the GP's. Time to get with the program Hazen!!!

    As for Nordkapps, these guys need to paddle a Black Pearl. Now that is a boat unto itself!!! LOL!!