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Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012: Post 26 - Cape Spear

I have only been to Cape once before... You have to pick your day when you do this paddle.  But the weatherman promised a good day so Tony, Clyde, Hazen and I met at Quidi Vidi for a 9:30 am put-in...

We hand-railed the shore, stopping in Freshwater Bay where a salmon jumped for us near the little river emptying out of Freshwater Bay Pond.  We contined along the shore and took out in Deadman's Bay for an early lunch.... Then back in the boats, crossing Blackhead Bay and Cape Bay to Cape Spear.

While mulling around at the Cape, Des, Linda, and Gerard showed up.  They had put in at Petty Harbour and were doing a one-way paddle to Quidi Vidi. 

From the Cape we made a bee-line back to the entrance of Quidi Vidi.

Pics from the day....

Hazen seal launching off the slipway

Hazen and Clyde crossing the entrance of St. John's Harbour

Tony paddling through what I believe is called 'The Chest"

A 'behind-the-back' shot of Hazen and Clyde

Hazen and Tony heading for Spriggs Point

Lunch in Deadman's Bay...
"C'mon Hazen, were ready to go!"

"Clyde, how you gonna get that new FG kayak of yours off this beach"?
"Well Hazen, I'm gonna wait to see how Tony does it...."

"Do it like this Clyde...."

"No, I'm just gonna seal launch... no point wasting a perfectly good keel strip!!"

And at the Cape....



Linda and Tony

(Hazen, Gerard, and Clyde behind)

...back at Quidi Vidi, safe and sound... 

Tony paddling past the stages

Clyde and Hazen back on the slipway

It was a great day with sunshine and enough wind to make it a fun day on the water.  Thanks guys for another great paddle.

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  1. Thanks for the nudge or I would have missed today's paddle. Any day on the water is great, a day at the Cape is super great.

    Tony :-)