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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013: Post 26 – I'm a new kayak Daddy again!

About the middle of last year I came to the conclusion that I wanted a different kayak.  I decided I would get a fiberglass kayak this time around.  There were a few that were in my mind.  But I have been keenly watching several of my paddling companions paddle their Valley Nordkapps over the last few years. 

After a lunch break during a paddle in Ferryland I attempted to fit into Clyde’s Nordkapp LV as best as I could.  He has a foot pump in it, and minicell foam on either side of the pump in front of the bulkhead, and my legs were a bit too long to fit in properly.  Despite being perched above the seat, instead of having my butt settled into it, I paddled along the shore for a couple minutes and could feel how nicely it moved through the water.  I began to think and read about the Nordkapp a lot more.   

Then in early October last year I borrowed Clyde’s Nordkapp RM and went for a little paddle by myself.  Long before I finished that paddle I decided the Norkapp was a kayak I would enjoy.   I was sold; all I had to do was to buy.  Then I found out what I really had to do was to wait…

Well, here we are at the beginning of June.  In about the same amount of time as it takes for the conception and the birth of a new human baby, my new kayak baby finally arrived today.  Her hull, with full length keel strip, is white.  Her deck is Maroon coloured and her trim is black.   And thankfully, she has all her deck lines, bungee cords, and hatch covers where they are supposed to be. 

She is pretty, all shiny and new.  Makes me want to just keep her in my shed where I can appreciate all that newness whenever I am out there.  But the overwhelming desire to paddle a different kayak is too strong.  I will just have to endure the horror of those first few knocks and scratches.  

I expect to be a bit of a gingerly paddler in her for a while, partly until I get the feel of a longer, sleeker kayak, but mostly to avoid the dreadfulness of those first few scratches and dings.  Guess I’ll stay away from rocks for a while.  But before too long, after that first scratch or ding, the cautiousness will wear off and then the business of regular paddling will get back underway.

Anyway, here is the new addition to my kayak family…

Her name?  I had several in mind.  But I have decided it will be North Cape Jenny.

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  1. Congratulations, you have one beautiful kayak that will give you years of paddling enjoyment.

    Tony :-)