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Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013: Post 31c – New World Island - Day Three

See 'Post 31b' for Day Two...

Sleepy Cove is aptly named, for I slept through the night, only waking a couple times to turn over to try to get a little more comfortable.

It was a chilly morning.  Since we were a day ahead we had changed our route plans a little.  Originally we were going to cross from somewhere around Bluff's Head to the Toadassess, cutting out Black and Trump Islands.  Today we would continue along the shore past Bluff Head, Moses Point, and on toward Black Island where we would camp for the night.

Morning time in Sleepy Cove

I only had on one layer under my drysuit and it was a cool morning.  As soon as I started I wished I had put on an extra layer but figured as I got moving I would warm up and the air temp would warm up as the morning passed.  We we protected from the northeast wind forecasted for the day but it remained chilly. 

I only took one picture between Sleepy Cove and Twillingate.  I do not remember where I took it, but it seemed interesting to me for the graveyard to be so close to the shoreline, exposed to the elements...

A few kilometres before arriving at the community of Twillingate, I was still finding it chilly and wanted to pull on my cag but decided to wait until we stopped.  We pulled up onto the slipway and decided to really rough it.  We went into the nearby restaurant and ordered up some coffee. Boy, was it nice and warm in there...

We had not said we wanted the coffee to go but the lady brought them to us in paper cups and trays.  It seemed to suggest they would prefer us not to sit in their booths,  dripping salt water all over the place.  We sat at the tables outside and enjoyed the coffee...

I pulled on my cag before leaving the slipway and was almost instantly cozy with the extra protection it provided.  I should have pulled it on earlier! 

From Twillingate to Black Island I only took the following two pictures, but again I cannot remember where.

Brian and Hazen


We pulled into Black Island Harbour and found a place to camp for the night.  Before long we had set up the tents and put up some tarps for our camp kitchen.

Tony looking spiffy in his new zebra boots and cag
that he purchased specifically for this trip


Tony giving Brian a geology lesson
We had gathered up some wood and got our fire started a little early...

I lay in my sleeping bag with my wool hat pulled down over my ears, thinking our trip was only half over to this point; three paddling days passed, three more paddling days to go... 

(See Tony's blog entry for Day Three)

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