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Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013: Post 28 – A one-way paddle today

Tony emailed around yesterday to see if there were any takers to do a one way paddle form Middle Cove to Quidi Vidi.  I've only paddled a couple kilometers on each end but have never seen what was in between.  The shoreline is as exposed as you can get and you have to pick your days.  Tony picked a very good day for this paddle.

Some pics to share...

Seven of us were on today's paddle

Tony and Clyde coming around Torbay Point






Paddling through a channel before Logy Bay 

We took out on the slipway at Logy Bay for a lunchtime break

The research facility at Logy Bay

After our break some of us got into our kayaks in a more standard, although less fun, manner...

But Gary decided to seal launch backwards... 

 ... despite all the seaweed he still managed to leave some of his hull behind....

Tony and Clyde both decided to seal launch their fiberglass kayaks!  Tony was already on the water before I got a pic but I got one of Clyde...   

It looked like fun but the thought of doing it
myself just did not appeal to me
We carried on.


I must of been having fun because the time seemed to past rather quickly because next thing I knew we had arrived at Quidi Vidi.

 And then one fellow forgot to switch to his land legs before getting out of his kayak....

We always have a bit of fun when we paddle. But then it's hard not to have fun when paddling with a great bunch of guys...

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