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Monday, December 14, 2015

2015: Post 48 – Getting wet in December

Yesterday (Dec 13th) a handful of us decided to go to St. Philips.  There was supposed to be some wind and it was shaping up to possibly be more of a frolic in the cove rather than an actual paddle.  

Well now, I take great comfort in knowing that every kayaker who is paddling with me has the knowledge, skills, and willingness to pluck me out of the water should I find myself dearly departed from the warm cockpit of my beloved North Cape Jenny.  This is even more important in the winter kayaking season.   Yes folks... there is a winter kayaking season; some of us just don`t know when to put the kayak and drysuit away.

With the impending wind, it was suggested that those coming should come with the mindset to get a little wet, and do some colder weather rescue practice.

Well, the wind was less than called for but we stuck to the plan and did a few rescues in the cove...

Brian rescuing Derek

Neville rescuing Cathy

During our rescue practice I was talking to Derek and heard some wooo hoo`s.  When I turned around Cathy had her paddle held high above her head in triumph.  She has been paddling for a while, but only started to learn how to roll the last couple weeks during pool sessions, but had not managed to pull off a roll in the pool... But in the cold water of the cove at St. Philips, in the middle of December, her pool session practices came together for her very first roll.

With all hands nestled safely back in  their kayaks, we decided to paddle down the shore towards Topsail Beach.

I was a little behind, and when I came around a rock there was a rescue occurring.  Brian had capsized near the rocks and Cathy was in the process of doing a rescue.  Derek came in and hooked his towline onto Brian's kayak and he pulled Cathy, Brian, and their kayaks a safe distance from the shore where Cathy finished getting Brian back into his kayak and all straightened away.  Good thing we had done some practice back in the cove!!

Brian was okay, and so we continued paddling down the shore.

Finally we arrived at Topsail Beach.

In keeping with the theme of safety for the day, Brian pulled out his four-person Bothy. Those in the group who were not familiar with this emergency shelter were given a first-hand demonstration while the on-site safety inspector (Neville) checked things over.

We stood around, huddled like penguins on a beach in the coolness of the day, chatted and had a few laughs.

Before we cooled down too much we got back on the water and headed back to St. Philips.

Brian seemed to be having a bit of a hard paddling day, and so Cathy decided it best to hook onto him with her towrope to give him a little bit of help.     

Before we arrived at St. Philips the sun started to come out and a lovely rainbow appeared near Bell island.

The rainbow was the end to a great day on the water... and of course we went for coffee to warm us up and discussed the events of the day, and have a few more laughs.

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  1. Great pix, Great blog, great guys and great memories! :)
    It's... -2 outside... of course your first thought of the ay is " what a great day for a swim in the north Atlantic!" :)