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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015: Post 51 – Winter Paddling

 A few of us went out to Conception Harbour this morning for our first 'official' winter paddle...

Some pics and short video's to share....

Getting ready in the snow

Brian and John

Tina and Derek



John, and Cathy

Terry and Derek


A wise decision...

Lunch in Bacon Cove

Salmon Cove Point

The slot at Salmon Cove Point


Cathy, Brian, and John

Thanks to those that shared the chilly day on the water.  I will bet that none of them are thinking about cold feet and hands now... I'd say they are thinking about the fantastic day we had... 

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  1. It was a fantastic Day!!! Fun waves, beautful scenery and great company! Thanks for the pix Dean!