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Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015: Post 50 – A short paddle today

We were to meet at St. Philips at 9 am sharp.  I slept in. My phone went off at 9:01... it was the guys calling and texting me to see where the heck I was!!  I got dressed, grabbed a couple granola bars, put the kayak on the car and the gear in it, then headed off.  

Tony and Cathy had waited for me in the cove, while Gary and Neville played further down the the shoreline.  I wasn't ribbed too much about my tardiness though.  

Off we paddled in the bit of swell and wind, soon catching up to Neville and Gary.





We got within about two kilometres or so of Topsail Beach but,  as was forecast, the wind had picked up, turning a paddle into a slog.  We could have powered through to the beach, but we decided there was no point to it, and the wind was supposed to increase more, and so we turned back, trying to catch surf rides with the wind and waves behind us. 

When we got back to the cove I asked Cathy to show me her roll.... She recently learned and was beginning to roll, but I've yet to witness one.  Over she went, but she did not come up.  Neville was moving in (as pre-planned) to give his bow, but she came out of her kayak. 

The rescue ensued but during the process her back hatch cover came off and her hatch swamped.  We had Cathy get up on my back deck to keep her out of the water while the guys dealt with getting the water out of the hatch and securing the cover.  This was the first time we've had a hatch cover come off like that during rescue practice, so her failed roll turned into a valuable exercise in dealing with an unexpected event.  You just never know what can happen out there.... that's why it's imperative to keep practicing.  So much to still learn...

Apparently, Cathy told us she has been having difficulty staying in her kayak when working on her roll. When we got back to the slipway we found out she did not have any hip pads and so she is just too loose in the kayak, so she has been given instruction, by Neville, on how to make up some hip pads.  The teacher now has some homework to do before the next paddle.  A snug fitting kayak will make all the difference...

Today was as much of a practice paddling in conditions as it was a paddle, and the unplanned rescue scenario was a good learning experience for all of us.  

It was another good day on the water.


  1. Thanks Dean, great shots... helpful to see my roll mistakes too! I'll get my homework done! :)
    Cathy :)

  2. okay... you make sure to get your homework done and I'll make sure I am not late for the next paddle...