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Monday, September 5, 2011

2011: Post 37 – Flatrock to Outer Cove

Yesterday afternoon a small group of us left Flatrock.  Our plan was to follow the shore and paddle as far as Outer Cove.  There are a lot of caves in the area and when the conditions are right you can check out every one of then, and the conditions were right for our afternoon paddle.  

The put-in at Flatrock

Today's participants:




Some pictures of the paddle along the way....



Paul heading into one of the many caves.
I like how this pic is divided by light and dark...

...the shadow kayaker
There is an eagle in the middle of this pic
(my camera couldn't zoom in any closer)

Neil, a very experienced paddler, enjoying some playtime...

Neil and Ysabelle at Middle Cove

Young boys playing in the ocean at Middle Cove...

Break time at Middle Cove

Tony let this young boy sit in his kayak...
of course his sister had to have a turn too.

I did not know I took this pic until I reviewed my shots at home,
but it is kind of interesting though...

Tony making his way back across Tor Bay in the evening sun.

Paul, Neil, and Ysabelle

There was some increased swell on our way back...

Neil finding something interesting to take a picture of...

The days paddle done.

This was an excellent paddle.  It is so close to home and provides hours of relaxed paddling and many caves to check out.  But you have to mind the weather and sea state.  You have to pick your day to be able to check out those caves and Neil picked a perfect day for it.  Thanks Neil and Ysabelle for the invitation to go on this paddle. 

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