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Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011: Post 40 – How to solve a problem like Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria came through Newfoundland yesterday.  We figured the day after would not be fit for paddling but it would produce some fun at St. Philips.  The weather channel was calling for 55 km westerly wind, gusting to 70 km, for the morning.  So myself and Tony met before 10 am this morning and hit the water.

I took a bunch of pictures but since Tony was the only one there, other than myself, this blog entry will seem like a 'Homage to Tony'... Well, if he is the only one that would come along this morning than perhaps he deserves one... Yee haw, buddy!!

After our fun, while we were packing up our gear, three older ladies came over to us and told us how concerned they were for us out there.  They had been watching us and became worried when they lost site of us (I think we had paddled back in at that point) and so they all walked down to check on us.  I asked if they had planned to swim out to save us... They laughed, but they were not sure what they were gonna do, but I guess they felt they needed to see if we were okay.  It was very sweet of them, but kind of funny...

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  1. Nope, should be a homage to Dean and Tony for getting out. Good use of time I'd say and too good to pass up. I like the third shot, it gives a pretty good idea of the sea state.

    Tony :-)