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Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013: Post 50 – Still paddlin' close to home

There was an annular eclipse this morning.  Tony suggested we meet early at St. Philips to be on the water when it was happening.  The weather was calling for rain which meant cloud cover, and that meant we wouldn't see the eclipse.  But four of us showed up anyway...

Tony already has his blog entry done on the morning's paddle (click here to see his entry) so I'll just post a few of my pics to add to his...

The tide was pretty high when we arrived



Tony and Derrick nearing Topsail Beach

Having a snack and a little chat at Topsail Beach 

Tony and Hazen

Derrick with the West Aquarius in the background 

The West Aquarius 

Derrick and Tony getting closer...

The fellow in this boat came over to tell us we were inside
the safety zone and that we had to keep back at least five
hundred metres.  Tony put on a serious face and asked the fellow
"how far is five hundred metres?"   I had a good chuckle at that...
if you knew Tony well enough you might of had a chuckle too.


Hazen back at St. Philips... all of the slipway seen here
(and more) was under water when we first arrived...

Well, there wasn't much action in terms of swell or waves today.  It was just one of those relaxing paddles with a few good paddling buddies.  Thanks Derrick, Tony, and Hazen for sharing the water this morning.

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