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Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013: Post 53 – Geological paddling

On Thursday past, Tony suggested a paddle to Gallows Cove with the put-in at Indian Pond.  Of the other people Tony e-mailed, only Neville and I were able to join him. Tony and I have done this paddle before (new territory for Neville) but Tony had a special reason to want to do it again.  

Tony has already done his blog entry so no need for me to reiterate things... Whew! There was no way I would remember the geology stuff he explained to us today!!!.  See his blog entry and you'll see what I mean.... click here.

I'll just post some pics from my perspective to add to those of Tony's...

The put-in


I was ahead and think I was the only one to get a pic of this eagle

The guys nearing the jetty

Crossing over to Chapel Cove

Paddling along an interesting shoreline 


Much to my dismay he switched over to his Euro paddle
since he was paddling so close to shore and amongst the rocks.
I kept telling myself it was all for the benefit of preserving his
all-cedar Greenland paddle....

Tony ran out of water in a few places along the way...

Lessons in geology at Gallows Cove

Tony trying to get as close as he could to
cobbles embedded into the cliff face

More lessons in geology

Salmon Cove Point



Neville playing on the kelp covered rocks, letting the bit
of swell push him back and forth in a little slot 

The take-out

I did a geology course in high school but it's all just mostly rocks to me.  But Tony has a university degree in Geology, and I have to say it is very interesting to have him along to explain to us some of the geology that we see on our paddles. 

Thanks Neville and Tony for the paddle today.  

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  1. Another super day on the water with more memories. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and your shots explain why!

    Tony :-)