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Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013: Post 52 – A monumental paddle day

At the end of our trip around New World Island and Twillingate (see post 31 at the end of June this year), Tony and I each had slightly over five hundred kilometres accumulated from our day paddles.  We do not count distances that we put under our bows during Thursday practices; we only count actual paddles...  

On a paddle shortly after our trip Tony suggested that maybe we could shoot for one thousand kilometres for this year.  Tony came pretty close to hitting the thousand mark a couple years ago; and I think that same year I had just over eight hundred (my highest in a year).  A thousand kilometres seemed quite monumental to me. But we decided we would just keep paddling and see where we would end up.

Today we paddled from Tors Cove to LaManche, by way of outside the islands, and early on in the days paddle we each crossed the one thousand kilometre mark since January 1st!!!  I had seven kilometres left and Tony had eight. Since we paddle so much together we thought it fitting that we should hit our lofty target at the same time.  So, just to keep things official-like, Tony jumped into his kayak and made up the one kilometre deficit before I got on the water... 

Anyway, it was a very good day to be on the water.  The wind was low, there was some swell, and the air temperature was cool.  And we had some good paddling friends to share the day with.

Some pics to share...


Hazen and Ron


Ron and Tony

Hazen and Julie




The group
I was watching my GPS and when I hit my 7th kilometre of the day to put me at my goal I held up my hand in triumph... Tobias was near me and snapped this pic of the moment...

Hazen and Tony were paddling to my port side and I took a picture of them at the point that Tony and I reached our target...

Then Tony came over and we congratulated each other on our reaching our goal...

We then we carried on to LaManche....


Tobias (at LaManche River)

Lunch at LaManche


Julie, Hazen, and Tony

We hung around at Bauline and I got a few pics of Tobias playing...

... he was nearly pitch-poled on this wave!!!

Tony caught a really good wave but I missed the shot... 

Tony just before he got his wave...

Here is the wave he was on, but I was in too much of a
hurry to get the pic and I missed him (he was
to the right) and blurred the shot too

All hands back at the cars

It was another really good day to be on the water.  Thanks to Ron, Julie, Tobias, and Hazen for sharing this monumental day with Tony and I.


  1. Congratulations to you and Tony on breaking the 1000 km mark in less than one year. Nice pic of Tobias on the wave. That wave is always enticing :)

  2. Congrats Dean and thanks for sharing the journey.

    Tony :-)

  3. Ditto Tony... I did the 1000 kms in 58 day paddles, and 50 of those days you were with me...

    Clyde, I was thinking of you while watching the fearless Austrian play... He was almost vertical on the wave in that last pic with his bow down... first time I have seen that happen (other than on video that is...)