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Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014: Post 15 – Miss PJ goes for a paddle

Hazen (a.k.a. Old Wobbly) had been thinking about getting a fibreglass kayak for some time.  Earlier this year he finally put in an order for one... he ordered a Torngat from Eastern Island Kayaks, but decided to get it in kevlar so it would be a little lighter... after all, Old Wobbly is not a spring rooster any more.  Jokes aside, I picked up Hazen's new kayak after it was off his car and it is just a nice weight.  Not that my Nordkapp is overly heavy, but whenever I pick up someones kevlar kayak I am impressed with the lightness.  If I ever decide to replace my fibreglass Nordkapp it will likely be with a kevlar kayak, and probably another Nordkapp.  But anyway...

Hazen picked up his new kayak yesterday, which he named Miss PJ, and was interested in a shortish paddle today so he could get the feel of her.  So we met at Quidi Vidi and decided to check out the icebergs hanging around in the area.  Four of us decided to join Old Wobbly and Miss PJ for the maiden voyage...

Hazen arrives at the put-in

Old Wobbly and Miss PJ on the water together for the first time

While paddling from Quidi Vidi to the entrance to 
St. John's harbour, our paddling buddy, Tobias, 
was on signal hill and snapped this picture of us... 
we are at the bottom toward the left... 

Clyde and Tony


One of the tour operator's was out with iceberg spectator's...

A shot of the group heading toward Freshwater Bay

Spriggs Point



Cape Spear

Gary and Clyde

Old Wobbly


Fort Amherst between the bergs

Back at the slip way in Quidi Vidi

Well Hazen, that's the first paddle in your new kayak.  I hope you and Miss PJ enjoy many more days together on the water...

P.S. Here's a pic Hazen sent of me in North Cape Jenny from today's paddle...

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