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Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014: Post 18 – A Saturday Club Paddle

Hazen, our club president, decided to put together an unscheduled club paddle today.  He advertised on Tuesday past and  sixteen people in fourteen kayaks showed up for a paddle in Conception Harbour.  We also had a big friendly dog join us during our lunch stop.

Some pics from the cub paddle today...


After the official club paddle ended, Hazen, Julie, and I decided to paddle back up the shore until we met Lev.  Lev had decided to leave the group to carry on up to Salmon Point by himself while the rest of us took our time heading back into the harbour.  We met Lev before too long and the four of us paddled another couple kilometres along the shore before finally turning back...  

It started as a cool, foggy day with a bit of a breeze.  But soon turned into a sunny, warmer afternoon with the wind dying down.  

Old Wobbly
(He's not just the President; he's a paddler too...)

Thanks to all those who showed up to keep Old Wobbly and Miss PJ company in Conception Harbour.

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