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Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014: Post 16 – Fathers Day club paddle

Per usual, Alex led the annual Father's Day club paddle today.  Twenty people in eighteen kayaks met this morning in sunny Cape Broyle....

A few pics to share...  

Alex pulled up a full half-hour before
the predetermined meeting time!!!

Getting ready

Alex (far left) gave a little safety
speech before getting underway

Paddlers listening attentively to the
leader, but anxious to get  underway
The falls is always a favorite place to
stop when doing the Cape Broyle paddle




Just up from the falls, where the land is the narrowest,  is...

... where we generally cross over to the south side.

When there is a big rock you are
just compelled to paddle around it

Eugene in his new Torngat

Julie is becoming a bit of a rock-hopper 

I believe this was taken at Gallow's Cove point

Sean and his son

It's always important to stop for lunch...

Old Wobbly

Another rock to paddle around

Sharon and Chris

And I thought I would add in a pic of my soon-to-be supper that was waiting to go into the pot me when I arrived home....

Since all three were lady lobsters I decided
to name them Julie, Barb, and Sharon...  they went
well with a variety of salads and a glass of wine.

Despite today's paddle being cut a little short, and a watch and a camera being lost overboard, I think people enjoyed themselves... at least I hope they did.  thanks to Alex for leading the trip and thanks to those who showed up to share the day.

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