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Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016: Post 11 – Faster water

After last weekends paddle on Saturday, Brian suggested we head down to the bridge at Salmonier River on Sunday to muck around in the current in our short-boats.  Only five of us went and we had a lot of fun for a few hours.

Here's a few pics from that day...


A few days ago Terry sent an e-mail around to see if anyone was interested in going to the bridge in Placentia to play in the current as the tide ebbed.  Well, the word about how much fun we had at Salmonier must of gotten out because yesterday we had twice as many participants as last Sunday!!

Yesterday, Shane and I drove out a little early to make the most of the day.  When we arrived in Placentia, Ron and Derek were already there.  Terry was there too as he had driven out on Friday and stayed the night. 

We geared up and got on the water.  It wasn't quite high tide so the water was still flowing under the bridge and into Northeast and Southeast Arm's.  We mucked about while waiting for the other guys to arrive.

Within an hour or so Tony, Cathy, Brian, Gary, and Hazen drove across the bridge right at about the time when the water was slack.  They took their time gearing up as we had lots of time before the current would pick up as it flowed back out to sea.

With everyone on the water we paddled a little way up into Southeast Arm for a look.

The tide had begun ebbing and some of us played in the bit of current that had developed, practicing peeling out of an eddy.  It was a good warm up for when the current picked up later...

After a while we headed back to the bridge where the current was flowing nicely and we had a lot more fun...

Paddling in current is a good workout and after a while it was time to take a break and have a snack...  

Someone noticed Terry's kayak wanted to go back out for more fun and he had to run to stop it from getting away without it's captain on board....

After our break we got back into our kayaks and mucked around for another while before calling it a fantastically done day.  

Thanks to Terry who suggested Placentia as a play day for this weekends adventure.  I think everyone would agree it was a good way to spend a Saturday.

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