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Saturday, April 30, 2016

2016: Post 15 – Another walk in the woods

I enjoyed my walk in the woods last weekend and decided to do a repeat today... 

Sometimes there was snow on the trail...

Sometimes there was mud...

Sometimes there was water to trudge through...

And sometimes there was dry, grassy spots too.

You have to admit that someone went to great lengths to make sure the trail was very walk-able...

During last weekends walk I came across tracks left by Stewart.  Today there was no sign of 'ol Stew, but the big guy was on the move this morning...

After a while I found a place in the trees where the sun was breaking through that would serve as my lunch spot.  

I believe one night I will hang my hammock in this very spot

Isn't there just something fascinating
about watching water boil??

Just makes sense to have raisin tea biscuits with a cup of  tea

A fine view to have with lunch

After lunch I pressed on down the trail a little further before turning back.  I had my GPS with me and when I got back to the car I discovered I had walked twelve and a half kilometres!!  Not really a great walk but that's the longest walk in the woods I have done in a very long time.  I think I may be starting to find Dean of the Woods again...


  1. Nice hike choice Dean :)
    ... nice water boiling on your pop stove?

  2. If you had a fat bike with racks and packs you could go much further afield in the same amount of time. Even Hazen has now drunk the Kool-Aid!!

  3. Perhaps I should drink the kool-aid too and trade my Nordkapp for a fatbike... will the bike float with those big tires???

    1. Actually, they do float!!LOL!! No need to trade in the boat - just diversify. If you like walking in the woods, no need to not like riding