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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016: Post 12 – A little further afield

It's springtime.  Sunday was called upon to hit 10 degree Celsius!!!  That's a nice spring day for us this time of year. 

During the winter months we tend to paddle close to home as our paddles tend to be shorter and we don't spend a lot of time lounging on a beach during break time.  When the weather warms up like on Sunday past we sometimes like to go a little further so as to make a longer day out of the paddle.

On Sunday past we drove to Colliers, unloaded the kayaks and gear, drove cars up to Cupids, and set off on a one-way paddle of nearly twenty six kilometers.

I did take a lot of pics.. it was a nice day and most of the coastline is scenic.  I tried to keep my pics down to a minimum but I liked so many of them...  

Looking up the bay in Colliers

After lunch in Turk's Gut we took our time, following the shoreline up to Brigus Bay where we got out on a little beach for a short break...

After our break we proceeded to paddle on the inside of Molleys Island and then into Harbour Pond for a look...

We carried on up the shore, passing Greenland, and around the headland into Cupids Cove... 

The question is not "Will I paddle through?"...
The question is " Will my kayak fit?" 

From the headland we had to paddle into a bit of headwind for a couple kilometers to where the cars were parked.  Tony and I were ahead of the others and when we arrived at the take-out we both had the same thought... it had been a while since we had to paddle any distance into a headwind, and we both enjoyed the little bit of slogging required.

The rest of the gang coming to the end of the days paddle

After we picked up the cars that were left in Colliers we we drove back to town and went for a coffee, discussing mostly things kayak related... and how it is more dangerous on the drive back from paddling than the paddling itself!!!


  1. Hey Dean, Great pix and comments on the day!
    I especially liked how the question was not whether you are going through... :)
    ...and did you really enjoy that slogging? :)
    Beautiful scenic day!

  2. Yes Cathy, I did really enjoy the slogging... paddling into the wind is something I enjoy; mind you I wouldn't want to do it all the time or even often... but paddling into a decent wind causes you to have to get into good paddling form and try to maintain it for a long time in order to make good headway in an efficient manner... I take it you did not enjoy the slog??

  3. I would have at the beginning or even middle of the journey! :)
    It made for a joyous finish :)