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Monday, April 25, 2016

2016: Post 14 – Three Damn Crossings

Yesterday Clyde picked me up an hour before our predetermined meeting time.  We took our time, loaded up my kayak and gear, stopped for coffee, and arrived at the meeting place with twenty-five minutes to spare.

The theme of yesterday's paddle was "island hopping" but for me it was more like "damn crossings."  I don't like crossings very much and generally I try to get them over with sooner than later... I enjoy paddling along the shore where things are more interesting to me.

Anyway, here's some pics from the day...

Pointing the bows toward Kelly's Island

Waiting for the crew to finish the crossing




We paddled  part way around Kelly's Island and then beached our kayaks for a little break.  Of course we had climb up on top to take in the view....

Gary nearing the summit

The crew, all assembled and accounted for

Cathy on the descent

Once back in our kayaks we finished the circumnavigation of Kelly's Island...

Tony and Cathy

Clyde, Hazen, Cathy, Gary, and Tony,

It was too early and too nice of a day to head back to the take out, and it wasn't quite lunch time yet.  So we turned our bows to Little Bell Island and make our second crossing crossing of the day.

We pulled up on the beach...

... and found a spot to have lunch

We didn't paddle around Little Bell after lunch, but instead just paddled back across the bay for the third crossing, landing a couple kilometres away from the take out at Long Pond...

Back at the cars

Three crossings and two islands... it was a great day in the kayak, despite the crossings, which are necessary if you're going to island hop...

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  1. Nice pix Dean and a great day! Maybe if you buddied up and chatted with a paddle buddy during crossings they would be more enjoyable an even seem to go faster :) works for me :).... Speedy!