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Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011: Post 52 – Another play day

We had a good bit of wind again this weekend so we did not paddle.  But this afternoon the wind was forecasted to be 45 kilometers from the west – the same as last weekend when Tony, Des, and I played in St. Philips (see post 50). 

We did a repeat of last weekend but this time Tony, Des, and I had a lot more company.  It was a lot of fun and I was glad to see such a good turnout considering it was windy, the water temperature was 6 C (Tony brought his thermometer to check), and the air temperature was about the same as the water per the gauge on my car…

When I pulled into the cove, about a half-hour early, our old buddy Stan was already on the water.  He must have been busting with excitement and had to get on the water early… He later told me the last time he paddled was when we did a night paddle from St. Philips to Topsail Beach; I checked my log book and that was September 13!  Des showed up before I got on the water and helped me with my kayak.  I hit the water and then other people started showing up, paddling out to join in the fun of the wind and waves….  We had a total of nine participants this afternoon.

I have to admit that kayak playtime, and paddling in general, is a whole lot more fun with a bunch of paddlers…

Some pics to share….

Most of us went to the near-by restaurant for coffee after.  The lady there had it ready when we came in, as is usually the case when she sees us playing in the cove.

Thanks to those who came out.  It was great fun and great to see those I have not seen in a little while.

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