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Friday, November 11, 2011

2011: Post 54 – Remembering

Today is Remembrance Day.   I do not have a strong affiliation with the military but I have had some friends and family members who served for a time.  I do take some time to try to think about people who died in long ago wars and those who have died in recent times.  The question always comes to my mind if these people died in vain or if there was purpose to their death.  And then there are those who served and suffered injuries of the body, while others are inflicted with injuries of the mind from seeing things many of us cannot imagine.  It must be difficult to have witnessed battle horrors and then to have to live with the memories every day for the rest of your life.   I do not have the answers and I do not try to find the answers, but I do take time to remember and to think about these things not just on this day, but especially on this day...

Tony and I left St. Philips, paddled to Topsail Beach, had a little break, and then returned with the wind in our back.

Here are some pics from this morning’s remembrance paddle…

Today we remember and today we paddled.  I know that some may think that paddling, or doing other things, today is disrespectful.   But to me paddling is a quasi-religious experience.  It allows me to get closer to what I perceive my God to be.  So for me paddling in remembrance of our soldiers, fallen or living, is the best way for me to show reverence...

I hope everyone took a little time today to remember.

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